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In addition to the obvious skills required in acting, directing and producing, the group's talents include costume design, lighting, set design & construction, stage management, stage crew, sound, photography & publicity, web page design(!), finance & admin ..................
A brief outline of a few of these areas is given below, and if you would like to be involved in any way please contact us. You don't have to be an expert - just interested and enthusiastic!
acting and directing
Our wide repertoire needs a mix of darlings, luvvies and sweeties of all ages and backgrounds to tread the boards - but that doesn't mean you can escape the other jobs needed to put on a show. Please read on......
Directors deal with actors, the Producers do the rest! Progress chasing and diplomacy are the key skills, coupled with with a need to spend money as if it were your own (which it might be).
costume design and realisation
The hum of the machines, the swish of the scissors, the cursing of the producer's pathetic budget are all part of the costume design & realisation activity - plus a flair for knowing what will look right. We hire some and make some, so a great deal of work can be involved.
Rumour has it that it's all done by mirrors but this new fangled electricity looks like it will make quite a difference. It's a very important and creative part of establishing how a production looks, but you will need to enjoy working under pressure (and up ladders).
set design & construction
Simple, cost effective, easy to build, easy to light, easy for actors to move in .... these are things that set designers are trained to ignore. The golden rule of 'simple is effective' generally works well in combination with skillful lighting and costume design.
Set Design
stage management
The quality of a stage manager is judged by how many swear words they have as part of their vocabulary - all said in the quietest possible voice of course. If you can keep your head when all about are losing theirs, this could be the job for you!
Stage Manager
stage crew
Broad shoulders and a thick skin are considered essential qualities in top stage crews, but some people just can't resist the black jeans and T-shirt 'uniform'... And don't forget the vital contribution of 'Props' in the smooth running of a show.
Stage Crew
Bells and whistles, bangs and birdsong - all at the right moment of course, and not too loud.... If the sound desk looks a bit daunting, don't worry - a good deal of the effort is in finding just the right effects and music well before the show.
photography & publicity
Shout it from the rooftops - stop passers-by in the streets - or anything else that you think will get people to come and see us. If you're keen on photography, Web Page design, poster design and publicity we can use your skills.
finance & admin
Bean counting, communications with members, organising social events, helping with front of house, oiling the creaky wheels of fourways...
It's easy to overlook the importance of these activities - if you can help it really will be appreciated!
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