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Rehearsal pictures from our February 2010 production of

Glengarry Glen Ross
by David Mamet

Presented in Wycombe Town Hall.
Despite early concerns about the strong language and very unlikeable characters, the fine performances were very well received by our audiences. The intensity of the play also lent itself well to the thrust stage setting that hasn't been used in the Town Hall for many years.

Thanks to Laurence Bridgefoot Photography for the rehearsal pictures.

Williamson spelling out the uncomfortable truth to Levene
GGGR_46 GGGR_109 GGGR_66
Levene tries to bribe Williamson  Roma tries the hard sell Moss pressures weak Aaronow
GGGR_185 GGGR_285
Roma, the natural salesman.... and his hapless client.
GGGR_204 GGGR_319
Under pressure Moss rounds on colleagues.... ....while Aaronow just gives up the fight
Having broken into the office, stolen and sold the Glengarry leads, Levene now faces the inevitable

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