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Rehearsal pictures from our February 2008 production of

The Graduate
Adapted by Terry Johnson from the novel by Charles Webb

Presented in Wycombe Town Hall.

Thanks to Laurence Bridgefoot Photography for the pictures www.bridgefoot.photo

Very well known as a movie of course, but equally as good as a stage play. We had fun with this, and the audiences particularly liked the use of live contemporary music between scenes which added to the period feel of the play.
Ben and Mrs R
Ben and Mrs Robinson engaged in revealing conversations about themselves....
Olly and Matt Discussion with Elaines Parents
Music from Olly and Matt Uncomfortable discussions for the Braddocks
Bens Father Ben and Elaine
Mr Braddock Mrs Robinson Ben and Elaine
Mrs Robinson and Ben At the Nightclub
Attractive, bored, scheming... Ben's disasterous trip to the strip club with Elaine
At the Wedding
Elaine and a slightly over-wrought Mr Robinson at the wedding
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