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Details of any forthcoming auditions will be given below.  

Auditions for Blue Stockings will be held at 8:00pm on Monday 8th and Monday 15th July at Christ the Servant King Church, Sycamore Road, Booker, High Wycombe HP12 4TJ.

The auditions are geared to get the best out of people, not to stress people out, and we will run both auditions as workshops.

We do not require you to prepare anything in advance, simply turn up in comfortable clothes to have some fun and learn about this wonderful play. Each audition will have a clear explanation of the play and some extracts for every potential character to address.

I am not out to find out what people can’t do, I want to build a cast who embody the aspirations of the play and its many themes, through words, movement and song, pace and power and above all a wonderful sense of hope for the future….how  we get there will be something that develops as we rehearse the play going forward.

Director's notes are available in this PDF 

If you haven't worked with us before, we would be delighted to hear from you.  Please use this Get In Touch button and we will add you to our mailing list.

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